In Support of Women’s Parliament in Holyrood on International Women’s Day 2013

Researchers based at Women in Scotland’s Economy (WiSE) Research Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University endorse Lesley Riddoch’s call for a Women’s Parliament in Holyrood next IWD. In particular, we welcome the positive message this would send about women’s role in Scotland’s economy. There is a real need, now perhaps more than ever, for focussed debate on how we account for women’s economic contribution. Mainstream economic analysis can neither properly identify nor adequately value ‘women’s work’ and its vital role in economic development. There is a positive link between greater gender equality and national economic performance and, as such, women’s economic empowerment should be a key pillar of any economic recovery strategy. Yet the Government’s Economic Strategy is seriously ‘gender blind’. Gender equality is an issue of social justice and human rights but it also an important indicator of economic performance and prospects. Scotland could lead the way in forging the link between equality and sustainable economic performance, starting with a Women’s Parliament in 2013.

The WiSE Team

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