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The Centre for Economic Justice is dedicated to the elimination of inequality in society through the creation and dissemination of innovative and transformative knowledge.

We are strongly committed to theoretical interdisciplinarity as well as the application and promotion of feminist, participatory, emancipatory, and transformative methodologies. Our activities and achievements uphold the University’s core mission to contribute to beyond the traditional role of a university in the creation, curation and transfer of knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Central to the Glasgow Caledonian University commitment ‘For the Common Good’ are objectives of ‘imbuing a strong sense of global citizenship amongst our students and staff’ and ‘the positioning of critical discourse and creative innovation at the centre of our research and educational activity’ (GCU Strategy 2020). Our intellectual, social and emotional capital is aimed at working collaboratively through our research, civic engagement, teaching and CPD work to foster creative interdisciplinary initiatives that exploit new knowledge to inform public policy.

Find out more on the Centre for Economic Justice website.

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