WiSE women attend IAFFE Conference, Barcelona 27-29 June

Five members of the Women in Scotland’s Economy (WiSE) team will present papers at a leading feminist economics conference in Spain between June 27 and 29.

The WiSE team, which is linked to the Gender and Economy Research Group, in the Institute for Society and Social Justice Research, will present papers at the International Association for Feminist Economics Conference in Barcelona.

Professor Ailsa McKay will give two papers, the first a gendered perspective on the Scottish Government’s recovery strategy and the second a comparative analysis of gender budgeting in Scotland and Turkey.

Emily Thomson and Alison Lockhart will present the results of a survey on whether Scottish companies are adequately monitoring the gender pay gap.

Susanne Ross will present a paper on women in the Scottish public sector. This will look at the nature and scale of public sector cuts on women’s experiences of work, recession and recovery.

In collaboration with Yolanda Jubeto of the University of the Basque country, Angela O’Hagan will comment on gender budget analysis across European member states. They have jointly organised panel sessions on gender budgeting and the bi-annual meeting of the European Gender Budgeting Network.

Professor McKay said:

“The number of papers demonstrates the strength and breadth of the work currently on going within the WiSE group.

“We are raising crucial questions, not just for Scottish society, but across Europe as a whole as public sector cuts continue to impact, and impact more heavily upon women.

“I am delighted that five papers have been accepted for what promises to be a challenging and stimulating conference.”

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