Latest Scottish Labour Market Statistics – gloomy outlook

Compiled by Susanne Ross, WiSE Research Centre

The picture continues to remain gloomy for women in Scottish labour market after today’s stats.  Continuing the trends from last months…


Unemployment down

From 7.2% last quarter to 6.8%

Fall in unemployment of 7,000 during Sep-Nov 2012


Employment down

Rate fallen to 66.1% (from 67% previous quarter)

Fall of 16,000 in most recent quarter


Economic Inactivity continuing to rise!

Increased from 27.8% to 29.1%

Increase of 23,000 in quarter Sep-Nov 2012 – Biggest quarterly increase in last year!


Economic activity falling

From 72.2% last quarter to 70.9% currently

Fall of 23,000 in quarter Sep-Nov 2012.


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