Seminar – Accounting for Gender in the Modern Apprenticeship Programme

The WiSE Research Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University invites you to a Seminar entitled Accounting for Gender in the Modern Apprenticeship Programme on Friday 6 December at 10am in Room CEE2, Centre for Executive Education, Glasgow Caledonian University.

The current focus of the Scottish Government is to ensure patterns of public spending contribute positively to securing sustainable economic growth as well as reducing structural inequalities. As a result, equalities issues should feature routinely in policy design, implementation, evaluation processes and spending decisions. Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) is a means by which organisations can analyse the impact and outcomes of public policy from a gender equality perspective.

The WiSE Research Centre, working in collaboration with Close the Gap and part funded by an ESRC grant, have produced a GIA Tool which is designed to help public sector organisations to conduct gender sensitive analysis of spending. The tool was developed by using the Modern Apprenticeship programme as an example of where GIA of spending could be used to improve policy outcomes from a gender perspective. It is anticipated that the GIA tool will assist organisations in fully meeting the requirements of the Public Sector Equality Duty and to deliver more gender-equal policy outcomes.

This event on 6 December is open to the public and will introduce the GIA Tool, using a worked example of Scottish Modern Apprenticeships, to a non-specialist audience. No previous knowledge of Gender Impact Assessment necessary.

A light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Please register here to attend.

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