WiSE Celebrates International Women’s Week


Around International Women’s Week this year, the WiSE team have been even busier than usual.

In the first two weeks of March, WiSE researchers have organised an international seminar on Brexit, given evidence in the Scottish Parliament, appeared on BBC TV, and organised and presented at a range of internal and external events.

‘Brexit:  Growth, Jobs and Inclusion’ was organised by Dr Leaza McSorley as Chair of the Scottish section of the Regional Studies Association and attracted presenters and participants from academia, think tanks, government and non-governmental organisations in Scotland, Geneva, and Wales on 2 March.  Former Ailsa McKay Post Doctoral Fellow, Dr Katharina Sarter was one of the presenters in a joint paper with Leaza on gender mainstreaming and procurement.

Emily Thomson gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament Fair Work and Economy Committee in an evidence roundtable for the Committee inquiry on the Gender Pay Gap in Scotland.  View the evidence here:  WiSE_evidence_GPGInquiry-2bah2h2

Dr Angela O’Hagan discussed the UK Government Budget on BBC Politics programme on 8 March, highlighting the impact on women of tax and spending decisions.  Angela gave further commentary online at The National ‘Blether Thegither’ broadcast on 9 March and on Friday 10th Angela discussed the issues as a keynote at the Women’s Centre “Equality Conference’.

On Saturday 11 March at the Labour party ‘New Economics’ Regional Conference, Angela co-presented a panel on “Inequality: Causes and consequences” with a focus on gender analysis of economic policy and budgetary decisions.

As GCU UCU Equalities Officer, Emily organised an event to celebrate International Women’s Day with a special showing of ‘A Woman’s Place is in the Union’.

WiSE Director, Prof Sara Cantillon gave a public lecture on “Towards a New Economics for a More Equal Society” at Trinity College Dublin, on 9th March 2017.


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