EU EFTA or Full English Brexit?

EU EFTA or Full English Brexit?

WiSE team member Dr Rosalind Cavaghan, will be speaking on Thursday 11th of May in Edinburgh, as part of the panel “EU, EFTA or a Full English Brexit?” organised by Yes Edinburgh North and Leith.

Whilst the UK overall voted 52% for ‘Brexit’, Scotland voted 61% ‘Remain’, with the City of Edinburgh polling one of the highest levels of support for EU membership in Scotland at 74%.  Dr Cavaghan will be addressing gaps in people’s understanding of what the EU really is, how the EU developed and what being a member of the EU really means.

Fellow panellists Simon Barrow and Derick Tulloch, will put forward arguments on what shape Scotland’s relationship to the EU could take in the event of Independence,

EU EFTA or Full English Brexit?  Thursday 11th of May, 7pm at Edinburgh Central Youth Hostel, 9 Haddington Place, Edinburgh, EH7 4AL  Full details:

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