Evaluation of Participatory Budget activity across Scotland

Participatory Budgeting (PB) aims to involve communities in decision making on allocating public money at the local level.  A team from GCU have been evaluating the extensive PB activity across Scotland, some of it funded by the Scottish Government, over the last two years.  As the third year of the project starts, the GCU team led by Dr Angela O’Hagan of WiSE Research Centre have published summary findings to support policy development by the Scottish Government, COSLA, and local authority partners.  At the PB Scotland annual conference on 14 November, Angela O’Hagan will present the findings of the evaluation to date (see link below) and highlight the policy implications as well as outlining the next phase of the research that the team will continue into 2018.  The research team comprises researchers from across GCU with Dr Paul Teedon (SEBE), Dr Clementine Hill-O’Connor (Yunus), Dr Claire MacRae (GSBS), and Jen Broadhurst (WiSE).  Funded by the Scottish Government, the research evidence and analysis by GCU is already informing policy direction and follow up action by the Scottish Government which the Minister will be announcing at the conference on 14 November.




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