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The SNP has announced the membership of a Social Justice and Fairness Commission to build the case for independence – showing how, with full powers, Scotland can tackle poverty and create a fairer society.

The new body will build on the extensive work of the Sustainable Growth Commission and deliver a route map to the real prize of independence – a truly rich society with wellbeing at its heart.

The Social Justice and Fairness Commission, announced by the First Minister in the spring, will be chaired by Shona Robison MSP with support from the SNP’s Westminster Social Justice spokesperson Neil Gray MP.

Included amongst the members are former Chief Medical Officer Professor Sir Harry Burns, activist and campaigner Chelsea Cameron and former Convener of the Scottish Women’s Budget Group Dr Angela O’Hagan.

The Commission will hold its first meeting in Stirling this Friday, ahead of an event at SNP Conference in Aberdeen this Sunday.

Shona Robison commented:

“Independence is fundamentally about creating a better Scotland.  “The Social Justice and Fairness Commission will explore in detail how we can use the powers of independence to end poverty, tackle inequality and improve the lives of families across Scotland.  That’s a crucial task – both for persuading people of the case for independence, and for building a better country once we achieve it. The members of the Commission represent a broad base of expertise and experience, and over the next few months we will be working hard to harness the research and expertise available, as well as lived experience, to deliver a package of proposals with the potential to transform our country. This is an amazing opportunity to shape the future of our country, and I am delighted to be leading this important initiative with a fantastic team.”

Members of the Social Justice and Fairness Commission are:


Shona Robison MSP (Convener), Neil Gray MP (Deputy Convener), Cllr John Alexander, Professor Sir Harry Burns, Chelsea Cameron, Aileen Campbell MSP, Cllr Graham Campbell, Cllr Michelle Campbell, Mike Dailly, Rob Gibson, Ginny McLanders Lawson, Dr Angela O’Hagan, Dr Nighet Riaz, Julia Stachurska, Professor Mark Stephens, Alison Thewliss MP, Dr Eilidh Whiteford, Ethan Young, Julie Hepburn (Secretariat)

The commission includes both members and non-members of the SNP and membership of the Commission should not be used to assume the political views of any member.

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