VOLPOWER Project welcomes applications for art-based workshop facilitators – Extension of Deadline

Glasgow Caledonian University leads the EU AMIF (Asylum and Migrant Integration Fund)
funded two-year project VOLPOWER: Enhancing Community Building and Social Integration
through Dialogue and Collaboration amongst Young Europeans and Third workshop training
events for young volunteer members of our project.

We believe that research is tested and enhanced by creating events and artistic
interventions. Music, art and action are used to enliven a space for periods during research.
This both enhances the researchers’ understanding of the complexities of social life and
opens conversations with research participants themselves. By engaging in creative activities,
we believe that individuals are able to make better sense of their social landscapes, and that
they are able to share in the knowledge that emerges from such research. Part of this
training will be helping young people document their temporal journeys of volunteering,
migration, inclusion and diversity.

We are looking for individuals with experience of leading art related workshops, or who have
specific skills in the fields of collage and photography.

Each selected individual will conduct a half day/evening workshop (minimum 2 hours) to a maximum
of six young volunteers (age 18-27), on one of the following areas:


Individuals interested in facilitating/leading our workshops are requested to email
volpower@gcu.ac.uk with the following information:

A short CV with key experiences of workshops or specific skills as identified above.
A short bio with links to work or photographs.
A conceptual idea/plan for workshop, related to the above area of research/activity.
A quote for a one 1/2 day/evening workshop (maximum of 6 participants), on one of
the artistic fields ( your quote should include planning/preparation time).

Closing date: 06.12.2019

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