WiSE Visiting Professor to discuss Building a Caring Economy

Diane Elson, Visiting Professor at the WiSE Centre for Economic Justice, will take part in a discussion on Building a Caring Economy, hosted by the International Inequalities Institute, LSE on Thursday 4 February.

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has made us aware of an acute crisis of care that lies at the heart of global inequalities. Care has long been marginalised and neglected as a central part of our economy. It’s a crisis not just of care workers but moves from the intimate domain of our households to global planetary care itself. What is this crisis of care, how should we think about care, and what can be done to make care more central to what we value? How do we build back our global economy by putting care – care of people and care of the environment – at its centre? These crucial questions will be addressed through a discussion of three major recent interventions: The Labours of LoveThe Care Manifesto and Creating a Caring Economy.

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