De-Radicalisatoin in Europe and Beyond Curatorial Exhibition

Complicating the narrative (in a time of false simplicity)


“Are those not belonging to our religion, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, gender necessary different from us? That is,
do they constitute our ‘other’? Does the presence of the other disturb our sense of security within the self? Should
the prominence of the other serve to diminish the self and even inspire feelings of enmity? Should the presence of
‘non-indigenous’ alienate the self from its mundane and ultimately make them grieve for they are being rid of
something that they have justly thought to deserve? Where does the indigene end?”

Exhibit Event Programme: 1. FD (for emailing) DRAD LAUNCH Exhibit Event Program (29 × 21cm) (29.7 × 21cm) (10)

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