Conversations on Care Seminar 7 – Towards a transformative universal adult social care support system for Scotland’

Wise Centre for Economic Justice is delighted to invite you to the next seminar in the Conversations on Care Series.

The need for change in Scotland’s social care sector is urgent. After years of underfunding and undervaluation, varying levels of delivery, and the Covid-19 pandemic, the foundations of our care services are cracking. A vital part of the solution is greater investment in care. In light of this, the Scottish Women’s Budget Group has undertaken research to identify how much needs to be invested to expand access to care, the type of care support covered and improve wages for paid carers.

‘Towards a transformative universal adult social care support system for Scotland’ demonstrates the returns of additional investment in social care to the economy, as well as society. This Conversations on Care lecture will hear from Jerome De Henau, Senior Lecturer at the Open University, who conducted the modelling for the Scottish Women’s Budget Group and has worked on modelling care costs internationally, and Sara Cowan, Coordinator of the Scottish Women’s Budget Group, considering how this research adds to current conversations about social care in Scotland.

This event will be held online on Thursday 30 March at 4pm.  Please register to attend.  Zoom joining details will be sent prior to the event.


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