Who cares? Re-valuing and Re-distributing Household Care and Domestic Work Webinar

In support of the first ever UN International Day for Care and Support on 29 October 2023, the WiSE Centre for Economic Justice hosted an online forum with a range of expert contributors, exploring the opportunities to drive a transformative and sustained redistribution and revaluation of caring and domestic work. Delivered as part of our Conversations on Care series, and with support from Oxfam Scotland, the forum asked: ‘How can we better share and value household care and domestic work?’

Chaired by Angela Hagan, Part 1 of the webinar features a presentation from Katy Gillespie and Nina Teasdale who discussed their research findings from their Stubbornly Sticky Case Studies Report and COVID-19 and the Centrality of Care report.

Thereafter, guest speaker, Lucy Hughes from Engender Scotland provided a fascinating close-dive presentation of unpaid care work in Scotland, discussing some of the challenges the country faces in recognising this work, whilst also providing the historical context of its undervaluation and understating of its positive societal and economic contributions. Leena Patel, from Oxfam UK, closes part 1 by providing an insightful presentation on the broader issues of unpaid care work across the world, specifically focusing on the fiscal elements of this labour.  Our second section is concluded by our final speaker, Amber Parkes, from UN Women, who aptly summarises key points surrounding unpaid care work and its significance within households and wider society and what meaningful steps we need to take to stimulate progress.

Oxfam WiSE webinar recording



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