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This blog is being used to support a wider set of activities, including focus groups and external engagement, to inform a refresh of GCU’s Equality Outcomes. We want to ensure that the outcomes are supported by the right actions so that we meet our commitment to equality and diversity, our GCU values and our duties under the Equality Act 2010.

Reviewing our work and planning ahead

GCU’s Equality Outcomes Framework 2013-2017 consisted of 5 Equality Outcomes:

  • The University has clear leadership on equality and diversity, supported by a strong infrastructure to support mainstreaming of equality and diversity and delivery of our Equality Outcomes
  • Students and staff understand equality, diversity and dignity so that they are able to participate in an inclusive learning and working environment, to promote good relations between people from different groups
  • The University environment is physically accessible to students, staff and stakeholders
  • The University’s marketing and communications activities across all Schools and Directorates actively promote equality and reflect the diversity of the University’s students and staff
  • The University has a comprehensive and robust set of student and staff equality and diversity data that will give us an accurate picture of our University community, and enable us to undertake accurate analysis of under-representation

A Good Idea?

We want your ideas! We want to know your views on our past work, and also our future priorities:

To what extent has GCU achieved these Equality Outcomes, and what do we need to focus on in the next four years?

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