Prof Simone Baglioni to give keynote speeches

Prof Simone Baglioni has been invited to deliver a keynote speech on Solidarity in Europe at an EU policy event taking place in Poland in early September.  His speech will come after the opening address from the vice-president of the Committee of the Regions, which is the EU body representing sub-national authorities within EU policy making.  This will then be followed by a policy debate involving representatives of local authorities and regional governments of various European countries.  Further information is available at the following website:

A second keynote speech on social innovation will be delivered at a policy and practitioner focused event in Bordeaux, organized by EuroDir (European Association of the Heads of Health and Social Care Departments/offices).  This is a discussion seminar for French head of health and social services about social innovations in the implementation of health care and social policies.

FABMOVE at the Second Iberoamerican Conference of Social Economy

A team of FABMOVERs, led by Richard Pfeilstetter from the University of Seville, presented the project at the Second Iberoamerican Conference of Social Economy that was celebrated in Osuna, Andalusia, from the 4th to the 8th June 2018.

In front of a diverse audience made up of universities, public authorities and social entrepreneurs, Richard shared the FABMOVE slot with Antonia Avalos from Mujeres Supervivientes de Violencias de Género and Olga Biosca who was seconded in Seville from Glasgow Caledonian University.  Itziar Gomez and Cristina Jurado from the University of Seville team were also there. FABMOVE members participated in a debate around the role of the social economy in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and shared their experiences with other successful social economy initiatives operating in the Iberoamerican region.

Vanhem Meeting Presentation

Professor Rachel Baker recently discussed a paper at Vanhem (Vancouver health economics meeting)  title and authors below:

The use of qualitative methods to understand patient and general population preferences for genomics- guided lymphoid cancer management

Author names and affiliations:

S Costa; I Cromwell; C Bentley; H McTaggart-Cowan; AJN Raymakers; DA Regier ​

C2E2 Presentation

Professor Rachel Baker presented a presentation to colleagues at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation (C2E2)  (  at Vancouver General Hospital on 30th April, as part of the C2E2 Rounds, titled “What should we do when people disagree?  Priority setting in relation to end of life and cancer drugs”.