“I experienced more than I ever thought I would at GCU and have the University to thank for the person that I am today.”

2021 BSc Environmental Management graduate Jennifer McConnell shares her insight into life at GCU and life after graduating from university.

I chose to study at GCU becauseā€¦

I chose to study at GCU as it was the only University that offered a course that matched my interests. I gained 2nd year entry into BSc Environmental Management at GCU after completing a HNC at City of Glasgow College. Entering university this way allowed for a smooth transition from high school to university and prepared me for the workload and determined what was expected from me as a student. GCU met my needs in a number of different ways, from the support from my fellow students and lecturers to the endless opportunities I was offered.

The most important aspect of my university experience has been…

The most important aspect of my experience has been the endless opportunities given through my course. I was given the opportunity to travel to Barcelona for a study trip and a winter school trip to Finland. Both were extremely rewarding and provided me with lifelong memories and friendships that I am so grateful for. Additionally, my course gave the students the opportunity to undertake a 12-week work placement in 3rd year instead of a trimester. This allowed me to gain invaluable work experience whilst still at university.

My biggest lesson learned so far is…

I experienced more than I ever thought i would at GCU and have the university to thank for the person that I am today. I have grown not just as a person during my time here, but also developed professionally and gained invaluable experience that I will never forget. I wouldn’t do anything differently as I took every opportunity that was offered to me that made my university experience one I will never forget.

I’m proud to be part of the University for the Common Good because…

I am proud of how I handled my university experience during the pandemic and the relationships I built between the students and lecturers. Alongside this, I am proud of how far I have come as a person and the final result I achieved for my degree. Never did I imagine I would be completing my degree during a pandemic, but I am proud to be a student of GCU and the vital extra support that was provided during this time as without it – completing my degree would not have been possible.

I get my inspiration from…

I got my inspiration from my fellow students, students in the years above and lecturers who worked on my course. My course worked closely with the students from the years above and below annually so we were able to build relationships and gain life experience from everyone of all levels.

My next steps look like…

Since graduating in June 2021, I have accepted and started working as a GIS Technician for a consultancy who are a client of one of the leading energy providers in the UK. I aim for the next 5 year for my professional development to have progressed and continued and to have travelled more.

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