Festive Feedback 2017

We thought it would be useful to tell you about some of the comments we received during our festive Feedback campaign, and some of the actions that have taken place in response to your feedback.

We received 54 responses over the festive period covering these areas:

17 positive comments praised staff on a job well done:

“All staff are very attentive and keep it quiet in the library. Good job”

“Staff are great! All over library they are very friendly: café, library desk, librarians”

“The cleaning staff do a good job after us messy students”.

“The weekend library desk staff are very friendly! (So are the weekday people though :))”.

11 comments focused on study areas. These split in to roughly two areas, praise for the variety of study spaces the library delivers, and a request to increase the number of study spaces to accommodate both individual and group spaces. We opened our bookable group study rooms this academic year and these appear to be very popular. The new Ask and Learn space on level 1 has also created approximately 40 additional study spaces. We are also looking at creating some additional study carrels on levels 3 & 4, and hope to create a postgraduate space on level 4 in an unused seminar room.

In the 6 comments relating to library resources, half stated how easy the library was to use. An issue with access to RCN journals has been known to us since just before Xmas, and whilst it remains unresolved the current work-around can be found on our library blog post: https://www.caledonianblogs.net/library/2018/01/16/technical-issue-discover-5/.

The 6 IT comments have been passed on to our IT colleagues, however as 2 of the comments related to the opportunity to print from your own devices or from the vending machine laptops we can say that this is possible! Please follow the instructions from the IT webpages: https://www.gcu.ac.uk/student/itsupport/printing/

The comments relating to temperature in the building and the provision of boiling water for drinks have been passed onto the Facilities team.

Please remember that we are happy to listen to your comments at any point throughout the year. Our library staff are now available on all floors of the library, so should you need any help please don’t hesitate to ask them. Our library desk on level 0 is staffed between 9am and 8pm Monday –Friday, and between 10-6pm at weekends. Alternatively you can follow and contact us on Twitter @SaltireCentre!

Thanks and have a great semester!


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