Author event – Rossie Stone

Author event - Rossie Stone QR code to scan to sign up, picture of the author and caption stating: Meet Rossie Stone (founder of Dekko comics) at our free workshop to find out how comics can help you to study better.

The creator and founder of Dekko Comics, Rossie Stone, will join us on the 9th of December from 4 pm till 6 pm for a live workshop focused on practicing alternative ways to learn.

You will gain useful tools for being better engaged in your learning environment. This workshop will be based on the fundamental technique on which Dekko Comics is built, which comes from Rossie’s experience of struggling at school with dyslexia and low self-esteem and how he overcame it.

This will be highly a practical, interactive workshop where Rossie will share his own story and teaches the art of transforming a distraction into a solution. 

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