Understanding the behaviour of nurse independent practitioners with the Common Good Podcast

​Dr Val Ness joins the Common Good Podcast to discuss her research into the behaviour of nurse independent practitioners (NIPs) and why two-third feel under pressure to prescribe antibiotics, even if the patients do not need them.

Dr Ness explains why the overuse of antibiotics is reaching a “global crisis” before talking about her study and how and why NIPs feel under pressure to prescribe them. She describes ways that NIPs can better manager patient expectations in the future and how the public can be better educated about antibiotics.

She also talks about her background as an A+E nurse, her move into academia and her work with GCU’s SHIP team.

The GCU Common Good Podcast talks to academics and staff from across the University about how their work benefits people and communities in Scotland, the UK and around the world.

You can listen to Dr Ness’ episode via Soundcloud here.

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