High flyers in recruitment: Scottish SIREN sites power ahead with record numbers of participants joining the study.

By Annelysse Jorgenson and Sally Stewart

Last week was a huge week for SIREN participant recruitment in Scotland, with a number of the participating NHS health boards reaching new heights. As recruitment is coming to an end on the 31st March, all the SIREN sites have been making extra efforts to grow their recruitment before that final whistle blows – efforts that have surely paid off and call for celebration!

  • Over the last week, NHS Golden Jubilee soared across the line to exceed their recruitment target. Congratulations for being the first site in Scotland to reach their target – it’s only onwards and upwards as numbers continue to grow!
  • Bagging the number one spot for total recruitment numbers across ALL of the UK sites, is NHS Lothian! An incredible achievement given there are 258 sites running the SIREN study! On top of that, Lothian are also hot to cross their target recruitment line any day now! Congratulations to the Lothian team and participants.
  • Another front runner in recruitment is NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, taking charge as one of the top 10 sites across the UK for recruitment with no signs of slowing. Great representation for the Scottish sites two sites as top recruiters! Well done to Greater Glasgow and Clyde!
  • With more than a 2.5x increase in their recruitment numbers from the previous week, NHS Lanarkshire saw more participants joining the study than ever in the last week of Feb. A clear reflection of the team’s efforts – Congratulations Lanarkshire!
  • Consistently growing their recruitment rate every week, NHS Grampian’s last two weeks of recruitment hit their highest numbers yet and stayed there! Great work by the local team in NHS Grampian for their consistent achievements each week.
  • With just 7 weeks of recruitment under their belt, NHS Highland have powered ahead with recruitment, already reaching a third of their target! Amazing effort from the SIREN team and participants in NHS Highland.

Congratulations to all the Scottish SIREN study teams who have worked incredibly hard to reach these recruitment achievements! We would also like to extend a big thank you to the participants who have made this all possible.

If you work in a healthcare facility and interested in joining the SIREN study, please contact phe.scotland-siren-study@nhs.net before the 31st of March so that we can get you signed up for the study before recruitment ends.

Meet the SIREN study team at GCU: https://www.caledonianblogs.net/ship/2021/01/25/gcu-researchers-lead-scotlands-participation-in-the-largest-study-into-immunity-to-covid-19/ 

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