Skills and Knowledge Gained Through the SIREN study: A visual overview

In this blog in the SIREN series, Desy Nuryunarsih uses mind mapping to illustrate the knowledge and skills gained by working as an early career researcher on the SIREN study.

By Desy Nuryunarsih

COVID-19 has impacted many lives worldwide; time passed strangely during the pandemic with some days taking forever, while at the same time months flew by. I have spent my time working in a research team that set out to find answers to some of the most important questions about COVID-19. Through this research, our team wanted to make the world more resilient and equitable in the future. The time spent working with the team has also been personally valuable to me. In the below mind map, I highlight the knowledge and skills I have gained by working as an early career researcher on the Scottish arm of the SIREN study:


Further information about SIREN can be accessed at:


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