WiSE Centre for Economic Justice awarded Scottish Government Grant

Professor Sara Cantillon, Dr Michele Hilton-Boon and Nina Teasdale have been awarded a Scottish Government grant for a research project that will inform the work of the Covid-19 Learning and Evaluation Group.

The project which is entitled “COVID-19 and the Centrality of Care:  a Resilient and Equitable Society (CARES) and the overarching aim is to explore the impact of the crisis on the gendered and intersectional distribution of unpaid care work and to understand the extent of pandemic-induced (temporary) shifts in care roles within households of Scotland .

The research will involve a rapid systematic review of the academic and grey literature on Covid-19 and the gendered distribution of unpaid care work and how this is shaped across gender and other intersecting dimensions of social positionality. To supplement the rapid review, a small number of exploratory qualitative interviews will be undertaken to allow for a richer insight into the ‘lived’ realities of households in Scotland, and the ‘gluing together’ of the complex informal and formal daily jigsaws of care (Brady, 2016).

The project will provide learnings through people’s lived experiences into how policy and interventions might be harnessed to facilitate ‘deeper’ shifts in attitudes and social norms to support longer-terms changes in the gendered distribution of care work and to creating a more  inclusive and resilient Scotland.


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