Conversations on Care Lecture Series

Care is a fundamental human need. It is not only vital for survival in infancy, early childhood
or at times of illness or vulnerability, but also necessary for human development and
wellbeing throughout our lives. Despite this, care work has long been undervalued and
underpaid and is often invisible. Covid-19 dramatically underscored the centrality of care and
exposed the many vulnerabilities within existing care regimes. It also made care more visible
and created an opportunity to reinforce the importance of care to economic and social life
and to position it as an essential public resource. It is within this context that the WiSE Centre
for Economic Justice is launching its ‘Conversations on Care’ seminar series for the academic
year 2022-2023. It aims to bring together academics, policy researchers, care advocates and
policymakers to explore critical issues in the post Covid-19 global care landscape including
paid and unpaid care work, public investments in care infrastructure, shifts in gendered
distribution of care provision, policy proposals and a reimagining of the care economy.


See the full programme here Conversations on Care Lecture Series Programme

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