Robbie Radev, BA Hons International Business and Finance

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I studied at GCU because…

I got accepted to do a challenging degree in International Business where I can develop my interpersonal skills and expand my knowledge in order to become capable of working in different organisations or maybe even open up my own one at some point of my life.

 What’s been most important to you?

The close relationship that I have with my tutors and academics. Everyone has been so supportive throughout my studies and I have felt cherished every step of my education so far.

What’s been your biggest lesson learned?


That teamwork sometimes involves dedication from every single individual and that you have to stand up to your own achievements and mistakes. You have to be honest with people and tell them if something is not going right as that is the only way you would be able to progress.

Do you believe we are the University for the Common Good?

Definitely. The fact that we are trying to minimise waste, donate to charities and helps its students with any issues that they have is maybe the ground reason why we are called the University for the Common Good.


“Everyone has been so supportive throughout my studies and I have felt cherished every step of my education so far.”


Who inspires you?

Samantha MacLean is actually one of the people that really inspire me for her honesty, humbleness and dedication to every person that works with her. As President of the GCU Business Society, I chose her to be our Academic Advisor for her experience in working with people and giving advice on making decisions. She is actually my true academic idol and I hope for more academic to be like her.

A big Thank You for the wisdom that you have taught me how to lead a team, Samantha!

Where are you going next and have your ambitions changed?

My ambitions have remained the same, to be able to lead different teams and to work for a common goal, whatever it may be as long as it is positive.
I would like to work with different teams and develop excellent connections with small and large businesses. I am currently devoting my whole time to work with my societies and studies to gain as many interpersonal skills and apply them to my own role one day.

If we bumped into you on campus, where are you most likely to be and why?

I would most probably be in a meeting with the Business Society or leading a workshop on Leadership in the Student Leaders’ Programme at the GCU Students’ Association.
Or probably be writing a coursework, catching up with my pals or spending some time on my own with a coffee in the non-existing sun.


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