Violetta Kirov, BA (Hons) Business Management, 4th year

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I studied at GCU because…

When I was 18 I decided to step out of my comfort zone, leave my home country and come to Scotland. Scotland is a country which provides me and other international students with a wide range of higher education and career opportunities along with a friendly culture. Although I was accepted in another two universities in Scotland, I chose GCU because it was the only one which provided a placement opportunity (sandwich year course).

 What’s been most important to you?

Education has always been my main priority. I wanted to make the most of my course and participate in a range of extracurricular activities such as UBC (University Business Challenge).

What’s been your biggest lesson learned?


I moved to Glasgow when I was really young. I was alone in a big city with no friends or family around. The experience enabled me to become independent and mature. I learned a range of lessons, the most important of which is to not be afraid of failure. As a Business Management student of year 1, I am happy to say I have never failed an exam or assignment. However, I failed to secure a job for almost a year due to my lack of experience. Although, I was feeling down and was tired of hearing “no”, I did not give up and at the end, I got a great job within the fashion industry.

Do you believe we are the University for the Common Good?

Yes, I strongly agree with that. What differentiates our Business School from other universities is the focus on the social factor and people!


“I chose GCU because it was the only one which provided a placement opportunity”


Who inspires you?

Every successful person with high moral values.

Where are you going next and have your ambitions changed?

My plan changes constantly, I would love to graduate and go back home to spend some quality time with family and friends. I am strongly motivated to get a graduate job as a project manager in a construction company.

If we bumped into you on campus, where are you most likely to be and why?

If it is lunchtime, definitely in the canteen, I love the pizza and unlimited amount of chips (or as I call them – fries). The rest of the day I spend in lecture halls and Library Level 3.


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