NewsFilm online

We now have acces to NewsFilm online which is a JISC-funded service, offering access to over 3,000 hours of downloadable television news and cinema newsreels, selected from the huge ITN/Reuters Television Archives (about 60,000 stories) You can search the service via the NewsFilm Online home page:
Login and select Glasgow Caledonian University from the pull down menu and access will be allowed using
your Athens userid and password
Content includes

  • Channel 4 news & News at 10 1982-2006
  • Channel 5 1996-2006
  • Gaumont newsreels 1920-1959
  • ITN News Reports 1955-1967
  • Unreleased footage 1910-2006
    “users are permitted to embed clips in virtual learning environments or presentations and can “quote” from the teaching and learning materials just as they would quote from a printed resource”

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