Smart tables – an update

In May we tweeted about our newest tech resource – the smart table, available on Level 1 of the Library. All four tables have now been deployed for the new semester and are ready to use.

What are they? Smart tables are a new digital tool to help you make better use of your library by providing instant access to library information and resources.

What do they do? Smart tables let you:

  • Explore the catalogue to find books, eresources, reading lists and archives materials.
  • Find a PC to use in the Library, George Moore, Hamish Wood or Charles Oakley buildings.
  • Use the library floorplans to find out what’s on each level of the Library.
  • Request an appointment with your Academic Librarian and get help and support in your subject area.
  • Quickly and easily reset your password.
  • Access the full library website and quickly navigate to the information you need.
  • Give us your feedback, fill out the form and tell us your queries, comments, suggestions, complaints or anything else you want to tell us about your Library.

Where are they? You can find the smart tables on all Levels of the Library:

  • Level 1, beside The Library Desk.
  • Level 2 and Level 3, by the Self-service machines.
  • Level 4, on the walk-way by the Hamish Wood entrance.













Level 2 smart table by Self-service machine.








Level 4 smart table by Hamish Wood entrance.

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