Introducing edShare@GCU

edShare@GCU is the University’s new educational resources repository. It allows staff to store, share and preserve a wide variety of learning and teaching materials in one central location. Staff can upload and manage their own resources and have the option to share them openly on the internet, with all members of the University, or with a select group of students or staff. The repository accepts any permanent resources created by GCU staff and provides a point of contact for copyright and intellectual property rights (IPR) advice within the GCU community.

Where do I start?

The repository can be accessed at You can log in with your domain username and password.

Why has this new repository been built?

The repository will enhance learning and teaching by enabling staff to manage, store and share a greater variety of digital resources, providing broader and deeper learning opportunities for students. It also supports flexible learning by allowing multimedia and other digital resources to be embedded into GCU Learn, the University website and MOOCs. Finally the repository enables GCU staff to make some or all of their digital resources openly available online. Open access supports learning and research in developing communities by providing free access to educational resources and supports the strategic ideal of the University for the Common Good.

What can I upload?

Virtually anything! There are no personal storage limits so you can upload as much content as you like. Some examples include:

  • Multimedia (video, audio, animations)
  • Images
  • Presentations
  • Documents (including PDFs)
  • Exam past-papers

Who can see my resources?

The choice is yours. We recommend making your resources open access, allowing anyone in the world to use your resource. However where this is not possible you can restrict access to GCU staff and students, or even just selected individuals.

Where can I get help and advice?

edsharehelpHelp is available throughout the deposit process wherever you see the ? symbol. There’s also a help and guidance section on the site. If these resources can’t answer your question then email us at

Do you offer training?

Yes we do. We offer group or one-on-one training to suit your needs. We can also offer advice on copyright, IPR, and licensing. Email us at with your requirements.

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