GCU London Library Festive Season and January Exam Period Opening Hours

The GCU London campus will be open between Christmas and New Year, from Monday 27th through Thursday 30th December 2021. Please see below chart for further details and exact times.

Thursday 23/12/2021 Closed
Friday 24/12/2021 Closed
Saturday 25/12/2021 Closed
Sunday 26/12/2021 Closed
Monday 27/12/2021 10am-5pm
Tuesday 28/12/2021 10am-5pm
Wednesday 29/12/2021 10am-5pm
Thursday 30/12/2021 10am-5pm
Friday 31/12/2021 Closed
Saturday 01/01/2022 Closed
Sunday 02/01/2022 Closed
Monday 03/01/2022 10am-5pm
Tuesday 04/01/2022 10am-5pm

From 5th January, during the exam period in January 2022, there will be extended library hours in evenings and Saturday openings. Please see below chart for further details and exact times.

Wednesday 05/01/2022 9am-7pm*
Thursday 06/01/2022 9am-7pm*
Friday 07/01/2022 9am-7pm*
Saturday 08/01/2022 10am-5pm
Sunday 09/01/2022 Closed
Monday 10/01/2022 9am-7pm*
Tuesday 11/01/2022 9am-7pm*
Wednesday 12/01/2022 9am-7pm*
Thursday 13/01/2022 9am-7pm*
Friday 14/01/2022 9am-7pm*
Saturday 15/01/2022 10am-5pm
Sunday 16/01/2022 Closed
Monday 17/01/2022 9am-7pm*
Tuesday 18/01/2022 9am-7pm*
Wednesday 19/01/2022 9am-7pm*
Thursday 20/01/2022 9am-5pm (normal opening hours resume)

* Campus doors will lock one hour before closing – Exit only from 6pm.

Festive Season Opening Hours

The library will be open as follows during the Festive Season.

Thursday 23/12/2021 Closed
Friday 24/12/2021 Closed
Saturday 25/12/2021 Closed
Sunday 26/12/2021 Closed
Monday 27/12/2021 10am-6pm
Tuesday 28/12/2021 10am-6pm
Wednesday 29/12/2021 10am-6pm
Thursday 30/12/2021 10am-6pm
Friday 31/12/2021 Closed
Saturday 01/01/2022 Closed
Sunday 02/01/2022 Closed
Monday 03/01/2022 9am-11pm
Tuesday 04/01/2022 9am-11pm
Wednesday 05/01/2022 9am-11pm

The Archive Centre will be closed during the holiday period.

Staying Safe in the Library

After a year of booking spaces, swiping cards and social distancing we are thrilled to be opening the Library back up again for all. There are just a couple of things we need to be mindful of as we continue to keep each other safe. 


Masks must be worn at all times in the library unless you are medically exempt. They must be worn even when working at your desk. They can be removed when taking a bite of food or a sip of drink, but must be put back on when finished. 


Wipes and hand sanitiser will be freely available throughout the floors and we encourage all Library patrons to use these when working in the building. Our domestic staff will be conducting an enhanced cleaning regime throughout the day. 


While there are no social-distancing rules in place, we ask you to be respectful of the boundaries of other library users. Library staff will be working hard to keep the building safe so please ensure you treat them with the same level of respect. 

Following these three simple guidelines will help ensure the Library is a safe and comfortable place to work for all. If you choose not to follow these guidelines then you may be asked to leave. 

If at any point you feel uncomfortable you can speak to a member of the Library team using our chat service on the Library homepage or on our smart tables. 

If you require books but do not wish to enter the main Library floors then please use our Click and Collect service. 

We also have a limited number of bookable PCs if you wish to secure a study space in the Library before you arrive. 

If you’d like to discuss any of these guidelines then just reach out to us at library@gcu.ac.uk or 0141 273 1000. 

We can’t wait to welcome you back! 

Provision of online exam desk space within the library

From Monday 26 April until Wednesday 12 May the library will provide a number of designated desk spaces for students sitting online exams. Online exam desk space is bookable from 10am – 5pm, Monday to Sunday, during this period.

Bookable online exam desk space within the library is available under the heading Level 2 (Exam Space) on our Book a study space webpage.

Library additional study space and revised opening hours

In response to Scottish Government guidance regarding the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, the Sir Alex Ferguson Library will introduce the following changes:

With effect Monday 29th March, space will be available on level 4 for students to eat their lunch if they are returning to the library after the lunch time clean that takes places between 1pm and 2pm. These must be booked. You will not be permitted to stay without a valid booking. Users must leave the space via the one way system in operation to check in for afternoon study space bookings at the library entrance. Please note that access to the building is unavailable between 1pm and 2pm. If you leave the building for any reason during the lunch booking, you will be unable to access the building until 2pm. Please ensure you take all personal belongings with you. Food delivery services are not permitted to access the building.

Additionally, from Monday 29th March there will also be 29 spaces on level 2 for silent individual study to meet the growth in demand for spaces. Please note that social distancing guidelines must be observed in both spaces and face coverings are mandatory when not eating or drinking.

Revised opening hours

With effect Tuesday 6th April, the library opening hours will be 10am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday. The library will continue to be closed between 1pm and 2pm for cleaning purposes.

Please note that that library will open 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm over the Easter weekend (Friday 2nd April – Monday 5th April) for students requiring access to the click and collect service and study spaces

From Monday 26th April space will be available on level 2 for students to sit exams should they have limited space at home.

From Monday 26th April the lunchtime closure will cease.


12 Days of Library Christmas: celebrating the achievements of 2020

2020 has proven to be a year of unprecedented challenges. Everyone connected with GCU has worked hard to adapt, delivering key services to the university community online.

The Library has been no different.

With this in mind, we took to Twitter at the beginning of December to celebrate the 12 Days of Library Christmas. From 1-12 December, our daily posts highlighted the volume and scope of work undertaken by Library staff in recent months (mainly from home). Continue reading

Sir Alex Ferguson Library Christmas and New Year opening hours

We are pleased to announce that the Library will be open during the winter holiday period.

Please note, the Library is only open for pre-booked study spaces and to collect books via the click-and-collect system. For further guidance please see our guidance Covid-19 services webpage.

Saturday 19/12/2020 Closed
Sunday 20/12/2020 Closed
Monday 21/12/2020 10am-4pm
Tuesday 22/12/2020 10am-4pm
Wednesday 23/12/2020 10am-4pm
Thursday 24/12/2020 Closed
Friday 25/12/2020 Closed
Saturday 26/12/2020 Closed
Sunday 27/12/2020 Closed
Monday 28/12/2020 10am-4pm
Tuesday 29/12/2020 10am-4pm
Wednesday 30/12/2020 10am-4pm
Thursday 31/12/2020 Closed
Friday 01/01/2021 Closed
Saturday 02/01/2021 Closed
Sunday 03/01/2021 Closed
Monday 04/01/2021 10am-4pm
Tuesday 05/01/2021 Normal hours resume

Please remember to bring your student/staff card for access into the building.

We look forward to welcoming you over the festive period!

Dawson Books in administration; how to save your notes

Dawson Books, one of our main ebook suppliers, has sadly gone into administration. We are currently working to transfer our ebooks on the Dawsonera platform to another provider.

Unfortunately this means that any notes you have made in Dawsonera ebooks will be lost, unless you export them. This must be done by 31 July 2020 at the latest.

To export your notes from the platform, please follow these steps:

  • Search for the book in Dawsonera, or otherwise select My Account, My Bookshelf or Recently Viewed.
  • Select Read Online under the book title.
  • Select the Notes tab in the left-hand bar.
  • Select Export; your notes will be transferred to a Word document.

Alternatively, if you have used referencing software to save books, you can access the title via RefWorks then complete the final two steps above.

If you encounter any issues accessing an ebook please email: ertenq@gcu.ac.uk

Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases Trial

The library is currently running a trial to Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases, available to all users.

With cases from across the fashion industry, from design and sourcing to marketing and retail, Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases will enable students to develop essential business skills required for the next generation of fashion industry professionals to set themselves up for success. Global in focus, cases will present real-world challenges facing the business of fashion around the world and across sectors, tackling important issues such as sustainability, technology, ethics, and leadership.

You can find out more about Bloomsbury Fashion Cases by watching this short video here.

The trial is running until 25th February. You can find Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases by searching the Library’s Database A-Z or by clicking here.

We encourage users to send us feedback on Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases directly via our Twitter or by email at ertenq@gcu.ac.uk

Additional study space – Level 3

Further to positive feedback on additional study spaces on level 2, we are creating more spaces for study on level 3 of the library.

Additional desks and seating will be installed on this floor on 25 and 26 January 2020.

Due the noise that will be generated, the floor will remain closed during this time.

PCs will be available on level 2 with our short-loan laptop vending machine on level 0 for anyone wishing to still use the silent space on level 4.

We apologise for any inconvenience.