Resource List FAQs for 2023-24

For all academic staff, resource lists for the upcoming 2023-24 academic year are now available within GCULearn. The resource list team have created this FAQ blog post to help with any questions academic staff may have while reviewing or submitting their lists for the upcoming term.


Staff with existing lists:

I am not making any changes to my list, do I need to do anything else? 

If you are not making any changes or additions to your list, you do not need to do anything further. Your list will automatically appear in your GCULearn module site. 

Can my students see my list? 

All lists have been rolled over for the new academic year at a ‘Published’ status. This means that students will be able to see your list as soon as they have access to the module site. 

I am no longer the module leader for this course, what do I do? 

If we have contacted you regarding a list you are no longer related to, we ask that you or the new module leader please contact us at and we will be able to update your list. 

The module code has changed for this list, what do I do? 

If the module code for your list has changed, you can update this in the following way: 

  1. Click on the three dot icon next to your resource list title 
  2. Click on Manage Module Association 
  3. You can then remove any incorrect module codes and look up your new code in the search box 
  4. Select the correct module code and click Associate & Close 

Alternatively, you can contact us at will all relevant information and we can make any changes on your behalf.  


 Staff creating new lists:

What can be added to my list? 

Almost anything! Staff are no longer restricted to just books and journal articles as was the case with older systems. Our Resource List system gives you the ability to cite a variety of resources such as podcasts, radio or video recordings, journal articles, websites, reports, ebooks or print books. You can find out how to add different resources to your list in our help guide 

What is the best way to structure my list? 

The Resource List system has three pre-set templates for structuring a list; by week (12 sections), by importance level (3 sections) or you may choose a blank template and create your own structure. While the decision of how to best structure a list ultimately lies with the individual, we recommend to academic staff that they align their list structure with how their course is taught. This may mean creating weekly sections, structuring by topic or subject area, or by resource type. You can find out how to add and edit sections in your list in our help guide. 

I am new to using the Resource Lists at GCU service, can I get training? 

Our team can offer online or in-person training at any time. If you are interested in booking training for yourself or a group of colleagues, please contact the team at to arrange. You can also view a recording of a previous training session and view our online help guide on our website 

We will be holding various training sessions between June – October 2023, please keep an eye on the staff intranet and Caledonian Connected for more information.


 General help:

I have submitted my changes, when will my list be ready? 

At the beginning of each term our resource list processing time is approximately four weeks. We endeavour to have any resource lists submitted prior to the submission deadline fully processed in time for the start of term.  

I’m having trouble finding resources for my module, can you help? 

The library is always available to assist you in finding suitable resources for your teaching. Please contact the Academic Librarian team for your subject area and they will be able to help you.  

Can I get usage statistics for my list?

Yes, the library can provide a range of usage statistics for your resource lists. If you’d like to find out more about this please contact the team at


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