New Resource List User Interface

What’s happening?

The Resource List vendor is rolling out a new User Interface for Leganto (the Resource List system). The Library is currently reviewing the new interface in preparation for the switchover.

Why is this happening?

The Resource List vendor is introducing a new user interface to improve the user experience for students, academics, and librarians, aimed at enhancing the learning journey and optimising the integration with institutions Virtual Learning Environments (GCU Learn in our case).

When will the new User Interface be implemented?

We are currently targeting the end of June/beginning of July to implement the new interface, shortly after rolling the list over to next years module codes. However, this is under constant review and may change if required. The Resource List vendor will remove the current user interface from their platform in January 2025.

How will these changes affect me?

You will notice a change to the look and feel of the Resource List system but most of the functionality should remain the same There may be some changes to the lecturer/library workflows, but this is still under review. We’ll update with details of any significant changes as the review progresses.

How can I become involved or find out more?

We’ll continue to update this blog as we review the new interface but if you’d like more information or if you’re interested in helping the us to review the new interface, please contact the Resource List team at

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