GCU London Library: Temporary Opening Hours January 2024

The GCU London Library will be open as follows over the listed two week period in January (Monday 8 January 2024 until Sunday 21 January 2024):

Day Date Time
Monday 08/01/24 9am to 7pm
Tuesday 09/01/24 9am to 7pm
Wednesday 10/01/24 9am to 7pm
Thursday 11/01/24 9am to 7pm
Friday 12/01/24 9am to 7pm
Saturday 13/01/24 Closed
Sunday 14/01/24 Closed
Monday 15/01/24 9am to 7pm
Tuesday 16/01/24 9am to 7pm
Wednesday 17/01/24 9am to 7pm
Thursday 18/01/24 9am to 7pm
Friday 19/01/24 9am to 7pm
Saturday 20/01/24 Closed
Sunday 21/01/24 Closed


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