Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports 1974 – 1996

We are happy to announce that the library recently added the database Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports to our collections via an agreement between JISC Collections and publishers Readex.

The Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Report has been the United States’ principal record of political and historical open source intelligence for nearly 70 years. The original mission of the FBIS was to monitor, record, transcribe and translate intercepted radio broadcasts from foreign governments, official news services and clandestine broadcasts from occupied territories. FBIS Daily Reports, 1974–1996, available exclusively from Readex, constitutes a one-of-a-kind archive of transcripts of foreign broadcasts and news that provides insight into the second half of the 20th century; many of these materials are firsthand reports of events as they occurred.

FBIS Daily Reports, 1974–1996 consist of translated broadcasts, news agency transmissions, newspapers, periodicals and government statements from nations around the globe. These media sources were monitored in their languages of origin, translated into English and issued by an agency of the US government. FBIS Daily Reports available to members of Jisc Collections cover the following regions and dates:

  • Middle East and North Africa, 1974–1987
  • Near East and South Asia, 1987–1996
  • South Asia, 1980–1987
  • Sub-Saharan Africa, 1974–1980
  • Africa, 1987–1996
  • Eastern Europe, 1974–1996

You can access this resource directly from our Database A-Z here by logging in with your domain username and password.

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