Exporting results to Refworks

Glasgow Caledonian University is currently supporting the legacy version of Refworks.

To ensure you can export your results successfully please login to your Refworks account before you begin a search using Discover or a library database.

During the export process you will see the screen below








Select the legacy Refworks option.

Contact the academic librarians on 0141 331 3333 or the library desk staff library@cu.ac.uk if you have any problems.

2 thoughts on “Exporting results to Refworks

  1. Hi
    when I have Refworks open and try to save items in to my file it keeps asking for login and and password when I put these in it tells me there is an error.
    I had been saving items in my folder all day sunday from ProQuest when I changed to Discover it would not work and now will not let me save any searches into it. can you please advise

  2. Hello Moira

    Thank you for your post via our blog. I am aware you had also contacted us via our mailbox lib-hls@gcu.ac.uk and your issue is now resolved.
    If you have any further problems please don’t hesitate to advise.
    Kind Regards
    Julie Smith, Academic Librarian

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