Read all about it! Digital newspaper collections

Whether you are looking for last week’s stories on the “Beast from the East” or how suffragettes were portrayed by contemporary British cartoonists we’ve got you covered.

Current Newspapers:

LexisLibrary gives you access to nearly 700 current UK newspapers from 1982 to present.  You can search across all the titles, or select a range of titles or a specific newspaper. For example you can compare the differences in coverage of a story between tabloid newspapers and broadsheets.

Looking for The New York Times or The Brisbane News?  You will find them on ProQuest News and Newspapers which has over 1300 newspapers from around the World.

Newspaper archives:

In addition to LexisLibrary and ProQuest News and Newspapers you can also access a range of newspaper archives dating from 1603 until 2010.

All the newspaper databases are fully keyword searchable, making it very easy to search for and find relevant articles on your topic. Your starting point is the Library’s guide to newspapers and broadcast news

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