Homelessness in Scotland – GCU Law Clinic & Homeless Project Scotland

This Christmas, 50,000 people in Scotland will be classified as homeless by the Scottish Government. That is enough to fill Hampden Park, home of the Scotland National Team.

Child homelessness is also on the rise, with almost 3,000 more children experiencing homelessness in 2023 when compared to the start of the pandemic in March 2020. Overall, 9,595 children live in temporary accommodation and are classified as homeless.

This year, the GCU Law Clinic has teamed up with Homeless Project Scotland in an effort to raise awareness of the current housing crisis in Scotland and to help Scotland’s homeless through this difficult period. Volunteers at Homeless Project Scotland work tirelessly to provide support for Scotland’s homeless population, providing:

  • Daily soup kitchens
  • Deliveries of food, water, and other essential items
  • Emotional support for rough sleepers




 Homeless Project Scotland volunteers at the soup kitchen

At this time of year, it is especially vital to come together as a community to help rough sleepers get through the winter. 244 homeless individuals in Scotland died in 2022, with the harsh conditions of winter undoubtably contributing to this number.

Law Clinic Charity Collection

The GCU Law Clinic is holding a charity collection to help provide essentials to the homeless population in Glasgow. We are accepting the usual hats, scarves, and gloves, as well as toiletries, sanitary products, hot water bottles and any other items which may be of help to the homeless.

Any contribution would be massively appreciated by all at the Clinic, Homeless Project Scotland and most importantly, those who will receive this support.

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