Projects Manager

Project Managers 2019/2020


Lucy Mackay

Projects Manager
As projects manager, Lucy set up new projects within the clinic and co-ordinates them with a view to improving the clinics social awareness and presence within the community. Lucy hopes to continue building on the work that is being carried out in 2020, especially the ‘women in law’ project.

Lucy will continue in the law clinic as Student Director in 2021.

Lucy is interested in how the law can be used for social justice and hopes to carry this interest into her career.


Simona Gesheva

Assistant Projects Manager

As assistant projects manager, Simona was responsible for assisting the project manager with any task they may be working on. Simona also has the responsibility of researching relevant information and delegating tasks to those who also work with the project.

Simona worked on the Women in Law Project and is looking forward to exploring problems females face in the legal environment.

Simona plans on doing a masters in European law or International Criminal law and applying to the COPFS traineeship.