Outreach Managers

Outreach Managers 2019/2020

Jamie Stewart

Jamie previously took on the role of Assistant Outreach Manager from 2018-2019, following this Jamie secured the role of Outreach Manager. As Outreach Manager Jamie took on the responsibilities of carrying out Street Law events, attending firm events, seminars, and Buchanan street stalls. Outreach Managers also carry out career outreach events like networking events.

After his university studies, Jamie is looking forward to starting the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice at Glasgow University. Following the Diploma Jamie is due to start his legal traineeship at BTO Solicitors in 2021.


Molly Maclean

Molly is also one of our previous Outreach Managers and has participated in our popular street law events last year. As an outreach manager Molly took on responsibilities of organising Street Law events with schools and colleges. Further to this, Molly had responsibilities of attending firm events, seminars, networking events and charity outreach events like the legal walk.

Molly has interests in Employment and Healthcare Law and looks forward to completing her Diploma in Professional Legal Practice in 2020, and following this she hopes to secure a legal traineeship for 2021.


Due to the large nature of our Outreach Department and various projects, we had Joint Operations Managers for the role in 17/18.

Josephine Christensen, Operations Manager (Outreach)

Josephine Christensen

Josephine joined the Law Clinic in 2016, and was appointed to the Management Team for 2017/18. In addition to her case work, she was been heavily involved with Outreach and helped draft a variety of Street Law packs and assisted in their delivery to the wider community.

Josephine has a particular interest in Sports Law and hopes to pursue a career in the field. She aims to start her diploma in 2018 and to obtain a 2019 traineeship.


Rebecca Gallagher

Rebecca joined the Law Clinic in 2016 and since then made significant contributions to Outreach, both in planning and delivery, leading to her appointment to her current role this year. Rebecca worked with Josephine in expanding our Outreach department.


Rachel Campbell

Rachel joined the clinic as a Volunteer when it first started and was our Outreach Manager for the first half of the 2015/2016 session, before leaving to take part in an Erasmus Exchange in Lyon. She returned to the role for the 2016/17 session where she worked with Ross Wilson to expand the Outreach Programme, helping to plan and deliver a number of firsts during the year, such as street law classes at the Gaelic School of Glasgow and Trinity High, as well as our first session for College Students looking to move into the LLB.

Rachel graduated in July 2017 and is currently undertaking the Diploma in Legal Practice at the University of Strathclyde. She has a wide variety of interests, from family law and succession; to international arbitration and commercial law.