JISC historic books now available

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One platform, over 350,000 historic books
JISC Historic Books contains the full text or page images of over 350,000 books published in Britain from 1475 to 1900. The service draws together content from two of the best-known and long established early book collections:

EEBO (Early English Books Online)
The scanned images and (increasingly) full-text digital versions of over 125,000 books published in English up to 1700, from the first book printed in English by William Caxton, through the age of Spenser and Shakespeare and the tumult of the English Civil War.

ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online)
A digital collection of all the books published in Great Britain and its colonies during the eighteenth century, comprising some 33 million pages from more than 180,000 titles. The collection includes books in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish and Welsh.

Uniquely and never before available online, JISC Historic Books also includes:
Nineteenth Century books from the British Library collection
A digital collection of more than 65,000 first editions from the long 19th century, covering philosophy, history, poetry and literature. The collection of over 25 million pages of previously rare and inaccessible content is searchable for the first time, and includes the original typeface and illustrations for each book.

JISC MediaHub now available

One platform, over 137,000 multimedia items, providing a single point of access to major multimedia archives, enabling cross searching and exploration of over 3,500 hours of film and 50,000 images from the following archives:

NewsFilm Online

Over 3,000 hours of digitised news stories from the ITN/Reuters archives, comprising some 60,000 stories. The sources include the complete Gaumont and Paramount newsreels, from 1910 and 1934 respectively. Many ITN broadcasts also include scripts and rushes, enabling comparison of the raw material and the edited footage that was broadcast.
Includes 9 minutes of British Gaumont newsreel from the 1948 Olympic games http://jiscmediahub.ac.uk/record/display/030-00026135
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Research gate

ResearchGate is the world’s largest professional network for scientists and researchers with more than 1.3million members. With access to over 45million abstracts (not full text!), Researchers can search through 7 of the largest databases and millions of smaller ones simultaneously, including PubMED, Cornwell University & CiteSeer; by using the
literature search at http://www.researchgate.net/literature

They also have the largest science and research specific job board in the world at http://www.researchgate.net/jobs/research/?nav=jobs

As well as the largest Science and Research Conference Board at http://www.researchgate.net/conferences/related/?nav=conferences

They also featured in the New York Times on Tuesday; the article is really good for explaining what ResearchGate is all about! http://www.nytimes.com/pages/science/index.html

New Biosis previews database

We now have access to Biosis Previews from 1969 to the present as part of the Web of Knowledge database.
BIOSIS Previews is the world’s most comprehensive reference database for life science research. It covers original research reports and reviews in traditional biological and biomedical areas. It also covers references to primary journal literature on vital biological research, medical research findings, and discoveries of new organisms.
It indexes nearly 6000 journal titles.
You can search Biosis Previews separately or combine searches with the other databases on Web of Knowledge. Coming soon on the same platform: the Biosis Citation Index!

Trailblazing from the Royal Society

To celebrate our 350th anniversary in 2010, Royal Society Publishing will be launching several commemorative initiatives, details at http://royalsocietypublishing.org/seefurther. Today Trailblazing takes most of the headlines on launch day and it has already received international media interest. Trailblazing is a user-friendly, ‘explore-at-your-own-pace’, virtual journey through science. It showcases sixty fascinating and inspiring articles selected from an archive of more than 60,000 published by the Royal Society between 1665 and 2010. It can be found at http://royalsociety.org/trailblazing. Each article has a short commentary and is presented in the form of a timeline alongside a series of major world historical events to illustrate the content in which each discovery was made.

Welcome addition to Film & Sound Online database!

The EDINA Film & Sound Online service provides free access to hundreds of hours of film, video and sound material which can be used in learning, teaching and research.  

Recently added is a huge collection of material from the Wellcome Trust.  The collection amounts to over 60 films and inlcudes quality material intended for doctors, surgeons, nurses and students.  You can trace the evolution of medicine and health over the last 100 years.

Access the service from the library A-Z database page or from here http://www.filmandsound.ac.uk/