Discover your library – tours running 16th to 27th September 2019

Saltire Centre walkways

Sign up for a Library tour Monday to Friday, 16th – 27th Sept.  

First tour 10am, then on the hour, until the last tour at 4pm. Tours last only 45 minutes. You will be able to:

  • find the resources you need for your course
  • get started using our huge online library of ebooks and journal articles
  • borrow books and laptops and renew your loans
  • get help from the library staff
  • find the best study space for your needs

We encourage you to come along and get the best start for your studies.

Download the GCU 2019 induction app or book directly on Eventbrite.

Summer conferences: limited access to the ground floor of Saltire Centre in June

The University is hosting several large-scale conferences this month, which means there will be limited access to the ground floor (basement) of the Saltire Centre for staff and students over the next few weeks.

Please read the information below and take note of which services will be disrupted and when.

June 7 to 16 : SESAM Annual Meeting

The SESAM Annual Meeting will take place from June 12 to 14. With more than 600 delegates, the campus will be busier than usual.

Access to the ground floor of the Saltire Centre will be limited over the course of the three days, as well as while the conference space is set up and broken down.

From Friday, June 7, all furniture will be cleared from the ground floor to allow the conference to be set up, and there will be increased noise levels.

For health and safety reasons, the ground floor will be closed on June 10 and 11 while the contractors set up the conference space.

From June 12 to 14, there will be limited access while the conference is taking place and the computers and study space will be unavailable during this time. The library service desk will be relocated to the first floor.

We encourage staff and students to use alternative entrances to the ground floor to access the upper levels of the Saltire Centre over the three days.

The Saltire Café will be closed from the evening of June 7 to 14. However, all other catering outlets on campus will be open, and the George Moore Restaurant will be open from 9am to 5pm on June 8 and 9, and will open until the later time of 7.30pm from June 10 to 14.

The conference will be broken down from June 14 (pm) to 16, and the space will be prepared for the next conference.

The ground floor will open as usual from Monday, June 17.

June 19 to 21: World Forum on Climate Justice

The first World Forum on Climate Justice will take place on the ground floor from June 19 to 21.

While the space will be busy with conference delegates, the computers, café, study space and library desk will still be available over the three days.

We encourage staff and students to use alternative entrances to the ground floor to access the upper levels of the Saltire Centre while the conference takes place.

June 26 to 29: International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE)

The IAFFE will host its annual conference on campus from June 27 to 29.

The conference space will be set up on June 26 and about 350 delegates will attend the three-day event.

While the ground floor will be busy and there will be increased noise levels, the services (i.e. computers, café, study space and library desk) will still be available during the conference.

The table below summarises this information.

SESAM Annual Meeting
Conference set up ​Conference break down ​Conference live days ​Ground floor closed Saltire café  ​Computers ​Study space ​Library desk
​June 7 to 11 ​June 14 (pm) to 16 ​June 12 to 14 ​June 10 and 11 ​Closed June 7 (pm) to 14 ​Unavailable June 12 to 14 ​Unavailable June 12 to 14 ​Moved to first floor
June 10 to 14
World Forum on Climate Justice​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​​Conference set up Conference break down ​Conference live days ​Ground floor closed Saltire café  ​Computers ​Study space ​Library desk
​June 14 to 16 ​June 21 ​June 19 to 21 ​N/A ​Available ​Available ​Available ​Available
International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE)
​​​Conference set up ​​Conference break down ​​​Conference live days ​Ground floor closed Saltire café  ​​​Computers ​​​Study space ​​​Library desk
​June 26 ​June 29 ​June 27 to 29 ​N/A ​Available ​Available ​Available ​Available

The ground floor will fully reopen to staff and students as usual on Monday, July 1.

Communications will be sent to students this week to advise them of the disruption to services.

As per previous communications, work is currently under way to convert the mobile shelving on levels two, three and four of the Saltire Centre to static shelving. This means there will be limited access to these floors from now until August 6 –  see the planned schedule of works.

Festive Feedback 2018

We thought it would good to update you regarding our 2018 festive Feedback campaign, and some of the actions that have taken place in response to your feedback.

We received 72 responses over the festive period covering these areas:

19 positive comments were directed to our library staff including:

“I feel library staff and librarians are very friendly and helpful.”

“I was happy with the quality of response and help I received from my librarian when I e-mailed for help.  She gave me clear explanations and was willing to help further by offering face-to-face help if I had not understood the e-mail.  Thank you!”

“Thank you so much for the drop in sessions. I also got to call in for some referencing clarifications – I was pleasantly surprised all my questions were answered. Wishing you & your family a Merry Christmas”

“Thanks a bunch for all the work you do!”

We also received a further 19 kind comments relating to the library as a study environment including:

“Great place to study! Really enjoying it.”

“Enjoy every moment, every second. Love you :)”

“I think you have done an excellent job in creating a great environment for the students to study in.”

“Very nice and cosy library. Excellent job!”

As with all feedback campaigns, we also look to find areas we can improve on. We received feedback relating to catering, temperature, PC availability, and opening hours.

In relation to PC availability, we have a tracker for our computer usage in the Saltire Centre found here. In addition to this, our lapsafe vending machine on level 0 allows you to borrow a laptop for up to 3 hours – ideal if you need to find a quiet area to study, or wish to use one of our bookable study rooms.

The library continues to support students with extended opening hours during exam times. This included 24-hour opening from 2nd – 25th January 2019. GCU also offers students access to the 24-hr lab in the Students’ Association building 365 days a year.

Comments relating to catering and temperature issues back to our facilities management department, and will continue to liaise with them throughout the year when feedback is received.

Please remember that we are happy to listen to your comments at any point throughout the year. Our roving library staff are available on all floors of the library, so should you need any help please don’t hesitate to ask them. Our library desk on level 0 is staffed between 9am and 8pm Monday –Friday, and between 10-6pm at weekends.

Alternatively you can follow and contact us on Twitter @SaltireCentre, or use our feedback form:


Getting started with CINAHL – November workshops

Getting started with CINAHL workshops are running during November in Library Ask & Learn space, Level 1, Saltire Centre.

CINAHL (Cumulative Index for Nursing and Allied Health) is an authoritative source within the field of nursing and allied health. The database indexes from more than 3,000 journals and allows you to search using a combination of free text (or keyword) and thesaurus terms (known as CINAHL headings) to produce precise results. It offers functionality to limit to peer review material and link out to full text articles.

If you need help to search CINAHL more effectively or have never used CINAHL before, these workshops are for you.

Check out our schedule or contact us if you can’t make these times.

GCU Library supports Challenge Poverty Week and Health Literacy Month

Saltire Centre and Challenge Poverty Week logo

GCU Library supports Challenge Poverty Week

October is Health Literacy Month and this week is Challenge Poverty Week – GCU Library will be blogging and tweeting our support throughout. Links between poverty and health are well documented. The Shanghai Declaration on Health Promotion recognised health literacy as a ‘critical determinant of health’ and the World Health Organisation puts improved health literacy at the heart of at least 7 of the UN’s sustainable development goals, including no.1 – no poverty. Continue reading