Indoeduc4all Update!

We are delighted to be able to share the latest news from one of our current projects, Indoeduc4all.  The end of 2017 was a busy one for this project  which seeks ​to improve access, ensure learning conditions and develop employment opportunities for Students with disabilities in Indonesia.  Rose attended two meetings in Indonesia, and below you will find all the information about what went on during these,as shared with us by our Indonesian partners:

  • 2nd Training INDOEDUC4ALL:

  • 1st International Conference: Please check out the fantastic video produced by UIN SUKA, which summarizes perfectly the successful event host by this institution. It was an honour to share with all the partners the official launching of INDOEDUC4ALL in Indonesia and in front of such a distinguished audience.

  • Launching of the UIN-JAKARTA Center for Students with Special Needs: My appreciation to the good work of our colleagues from UIN JAKARTA organising the ceremony and specially for inviting the Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner. Let me remind you TO REPORT (photos and brief review) any event hosted in your institutions which promotes the INDOEDUC4ALL brand or is related to your disability support centers, so we can post them on the website.

If you would like more information on INDOEDUC4ALL, please visit the website using the link below!

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