WiSE reframes ‘welfare’ debate.

WiSE reframes ‘welfare’ debate.
WiSE team members give evidence Scottish Parliament Welfare Reform Committee Inquiry on Women and Welfare.
Prof Diane Elson, Morag Gillespie and Dr Angela O’Hagan were called to evidence sessions on 19 May and 2 June to set out analysis and comment on the impact of current ‘welfare’ reforms on women’s economic independence and financial security. Calling for a re-focus on ‘social security’ and protection of individuals over the life course and transitions and an end to the systemic failure of public policy decisions that result in increased inequality and disadvantage for women, WiSE researchers joined others from academic and civil society organisations in calling for effective gender analysis of policy decisions by the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament with the current and forthcoming powers.

See the full sessions at
19 May: Welfare Reform Committee 19 May
2 June: Welfare Reform Committee 2 June 2015

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