Student Directors – Cheryl Liddell and Ross Wilson

Joint Directors

For the 2017/18 Session the Law Clinic will have Joint Student Directors in Cheryl Liddell and Ross Wilson, both former managers and experienced advisors. As Directors they will be responsible for: the day-to-day administration of the clinic and all operations; setting our policies; recruiting and training new members; representing us at external events; and planning for expansion and resilience. So far this year they have created and overseen the implementation of a variety of projects, such as our mentoring initiative and careers service. They hope to complete an ambitious growth plan this year, and are supported by the Management Team in all that endeavour and in everything else.


Joint Student Director Cheryl Liddell

Cheryl Liddell

Prior to her appointment as a Joint Director, Cheryl was our Media Manager for 2016/17. She joined the clinic in 2014 during her first year and since then has advised on many cases. She has a keen interest in Employment, Human Rights, Public and Commercial Law and hopes to pursue these interests throughout her career. Cheryl comes from Dumbarton, and enjoys running and reading in her free time.

Cheryl is looking to undertake her Diploma in 2018 with a view to obtaining a 2019 training contract.



Joint Student Director Ross Wilson


Ross Wilson

Before becoming a Joint Director, Ross was Operations Manager for Outreach in 2016/17. He also joined the clinic in 2014 during his first year and has been involved in numerous cases since then. He is interested in Commercial Law, Employment Law, Public Law, International Law and Corporate Crime. He hopes to follow developments in these areas throughout his career. Ross lives in Ardrossan, and uses his spare time to read up on history and care for his dog.

Ross hopes to complete his diploma in 2018 and obtain a training contract for 2019.

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