New programme approved

I  am delighted to let you know that the new PgC teacher preparation programme entitled:

PgC Education in academic and practice settings 

was successfully re-approved yesterday jointly by NMC and Glasgow Caledonian University.  There are no conditions or requirements to be made to the programme which means that we can move ahead and finalise our documentation for September.  You can view our latest poster at the link below and be aware as administration processes need to catch up with events, you still apply for the current programme, the PgC Education in health and social care meantime. I have received a few more applications which is great so I will have these processed by next week.  Looking forward to hearing from you via the Blog helen

PgC teacher poster 2017-xft7an

applying for the PgC Education in Health and Social Care programme

A few of you have got in contact about the additional evidence that you require to include as part of your application for the programme. As well as your completed application form please also include a supporting statement that indicates your interest in the programme and how the PgC will enhance your current role and career.  Please also submit two references, one academic and one professional written on headed notepaper and signed, along with copies of your academic and professional qualifications (degree, masters modules completed etc).  These can be scanned and emailed to both admissions (email address on application form) and to me to begin processing.

So its good to see we are receiving applications from you and I have begun to process these. We continue to accept applications until August so please do not leave it too late. Please leave any comments or questions as I am happy to be of help. helen


applying for the PgC teacher preparation programme

Thank you for the emails I have received about your interest in the above programme. Yes you need to apply for the PgC Education in health and social care programme as our new programme the PgC Education in academic and practice settings has not yet been approved and has no admissions code as yet.  I have attached  a link to the application form for you as a few of you have asked for this.  Normally we transfer all new students onto the new programme in September as the programme approval processes are usually complete at this time.

Despite being in the city centre we have a lovely welcoming, green campus that you can enjoy if you plan to study with us here in Glasgow.  Its lovely to receive emails from you but feel free to add your questions to the Blog as this means the questions and responses  can be shared.

Current students

Keeping current students abreast of programme developments is key to our partnership approach.  Today was the last taught session for the year 2 students and we shared the latest update with them.  As part of programme review current students are invited to meet with the NMC to share their experiences of the programme.

last taught session for year 2 part time students