University attendance and fees 2018/19 academic session

dates for your diary (last year the trimester calendar changed in the summer which affected these dates) Therefore these dates will be confirmed in summer 2018 on this BLOG

The theory of teaching, learning and assessment: class sessions 9-1pm

Thursday 27/9/18, 8/11/18, 6/12/18, 14/2/19, 14/3/19, 11/4/19

Curriculum development and quality in educational practice: class sessions 2-4pm

Thursdays 27/9/18, 8/11/18, 6/12/18, 14/2/19, 14/3/19, 11/4/19

GCU post-graduate fees information


Last taught session in year 1 PgC

Some quotations gathered from the year 1 PgC EAPS student  cohort today

Excellent (course) for AHPs (Kirsty radiographer and year 1 student)

An excellent way to spend your day off- Fantastic module (Maria nurse educator and year 1 student)

Links educational theory to practice and has helped me reflect on practice and make changes (Jane Health Visitor and year 1 student)

Hard work but very rewarding, great opportunity to work with motivated professional. Lots of learning ( anon year 1 student)

Organisation is key, I struggled but kept going. Still hoping to see the light ( anon year 1 student)

As an AHP a really enlightening experience in higher educational approaches outwith my own field ( anon year 1 student)

application interest

Good to see a growing interest in the PgC EAPS mirrored in application forms being sent my way.  As a career change, development or interest, undertaking the PgC EAPS will introduce you an evidence base for your teaching practice and entry into a secondary profession.

Application form

many thanks for all your emails and great to hear so much interest in the PgC EAPS. I have attached the application form here for you so please complete this and send a copy to admissions and to me as this speeds up the process.

  • You also need to send me two references (one academic and one practice) on headed notepaper and signed.  You can scan these and email PG admissions and please cc me in.
  • Your qualifications (again you can scan your degrees, masters module credits ect plus your RN, Physio, HV professional qualification if different from your degree). Again email PG admissions and please cc me in.
  • Dont worry if you do not have an honours degree as you can complete an ‘honours degree equivalency’ (CV and statement) if required. If you have completed a masters module successfully then this overides the need for the equivalency
  • Your NMC/HCPC/ SSSC print out that indicates current registration (you can download this from your regulatory body website).
  • Looking forward to processing your admission very soon.  Best wishes helen