Good to hear from a few of you indicating that you are looking forward to the start of the programme. A couple of you are keen to register but do not yet have your password/user name. Normally registration send these to you and you need these to complete your registration. This is important as once registration is complete you can then access the online modules.  Already Sarah Renton (who you will meet at induction and/or week 1)  and I as the programme team are populating the GCUlearn module sites.  The module sites hold all the information you need about the modules including ecopies of programme documents, teaching and learning resources (not ‘live’ yet and information about assessment). The draft module guides are already posted there for you to access so those looking for early reading (I am impressed) this will be helpful.

If you need help to register here is the link to registry

See you all soon, Best wishes Helen and Sarah

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