The GLASS Network – Roundtable Event: The New Normal of Inclusion

Rountable Event: New Normal of Inclusion – Thursday 3rd December

There can be no doubt by now that 2020 has changed the way we communicate, the way we relate, and the way we work together, perhaps even long-term. With that in mind, The Glass Network is set to explore how furthering LGBTQ+ inclusion in the legal profession can work under these new and evolving circumstances – and you can get involved in the discussion.

Since 2015, The Glass Network has supported local LGBTQ+ communities and businesses in Scotland’s legal profession, promoting an understanding of LGBTQ+ issues, and, in particular, equality and inclusion at work. To support that movement towards greater and more robust equity, the network launched The Glass Charter in 2019, a free framework for firms and organisations that commits them to meeting the charter’s five principles in ways that suit their individual businesses:

  1. Inclusive recruitment – recruit to create a diverse workforce
  2. Local action – participate in activities and policies that promote LGBTQ+ equality and diversity
  3. Senior buy-in – improve equality and diversity at senior professional levels
  4. Allied commitment – share methods of increasing equality and diversity
  5. Innovative intersectionality – implement LGBT+ inclusion initiatives with policies in support of other protected characteristics

‘Ally Firms’, as the charter identifies them, are encouraged to implement these principles in conversation with their LGBTQ+ employees and members, along with the Glass Network itself. where an Ally Firm may fall short of its aims for the year, the network sees that as an opportunity to talk about where the challenges lay and how better to approach them. You can find much more information on The Glass Charter here [], including details of how firms can adopt the charter.

If you would like to hear more about the Glass Network from founder, Drew McCusker, listen to our podcast episode with Drew:

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For a chance to get involved yourself, though, The New Normal of Inclusion roundtable event, on the evening of Thu 3 Dec, will bring legal professionals and students together to discuss how firms can support LGBTQ+ inclusion going forward. Participants of all sexual orientations and gender identities working in the legal profession are welcome to attend, and to add their voices, opinions and experiences via The Glass Network’s online Future Form. []

To attend The New Normal of Inclusion, please email

The GCU Law Clinic is proud to support The Glass Network. For more information on the network and their initiatives, visit

By Andi Denny, Law Clinic Volunteer