Mock Court Involvement

The High Court held the mock trials.

From the 29th of November to the 1st of December, Glasgow was fortunate enough to host the mock court competition!  We at the Law Clinic were fortunate to be involved in lending our services to clerk for some current Sheriffs, in a welcome break from our typical studies.

Primary schools from Glasgow and the West descended on the Saltmarket as soon as regular court business had concluded in the matter of Talk ‘n’ Text v Telfor.  Donning homemade wigs and gowns (which frankly put the real ones to shame…), some of the legal professions future leading lights took their places in courtrooms, and set to work for their respective clients.

Leading evidence from their witnesses, the sides did battle over whether or not a contract was formed; with some interesting results – the same set of facts in separate courtrooms often produced different results!  This was only a testament to the ability of the pupils involved.  Clerking for Sheriff Miller, our Outreach Manager Rachel Campbell said:

“Some of the skill shown were extraordinary.  The productions were well organised and the lawyers questioned their witnesses with a clear plan and considerable confidence.  I only wish I was that good in primary school.”

Assistant Outreach Manager Ross Wilson, clerking for Sheriff Murphy QC, also added:

“I’ve been lucky enough to witness some of the top advocates in Scotland cross-examine witnesses, from Donald Findlay QC to Gordon Jackson QC.  The pupils would have given them a run for their money – I felt uncomfortable sitting outside the witness box.”

Also involved was our Senior Operations Manager David Scott, who commented:

“I only wish I had the confidence to stand up in the infamous North Courtroom of the High Court and lead evidence in front of a Sheriff at that age.  The pupils were a credit to themselves, their schools and their communities.  I hope to work with them someday, although certainly not in opposition.”

As a team, we had a great time assisting with the project.  It shows pupils from a very young age that courts aren’t just for criminals, but for everyone.  It also helped them too see that the courts aren’t so terrifying, the Sheriffs were kind and understanding, and this showed in the confidence displayed by the pupils.  As an aside, our volunteers benefitted from seeing behind the scenes of a court and to network with some of the most experienced jurists in the country.


Street Law On Buchanan Street

The Team Setting Up
The Team Setting Up

On Wednesday 9th December the team spent the day on Buchanan Street advertising our services to Glasgow’s public. It was a good opportunity for us to raise our profile in the community and showcase the services that we offer.

We have a huge resource of legal knowledge amongst our LLB students and the Law Clinic is a way for them to put what they learn on the law programme into practice. Claire McFadzean (Academic Director) says “The work of the Law Clinic aligns perfectly with our goal to be the University for the Common Good. I am very proud of our LLB students and how they positively impact our local community.” Ian Laing (Student Director) says that “our student advisers make a huge difference to people’s lives with the assistance that they provide through advising members of the public. “

Patricia Taylor (Operations Manager (The Law Clinic)) “Having a stall on Buchanan Street as Glasgow’s shops are entering their busiest period will allow us to promote the Law Clinic to a huge number of people and with recent changes in consumer law it means people may be unsure of their rights”.

Our Advisers At Work
Our Advisers At Work


Due to our location on the GCU campus right in the heart of Glasgow City Centre, directly opposite Buchanan Bus Station and just a short walk from Queen Street and Glasgow Central stations we are ideally placed for people requiring help.

This will be the first of many promotional events the Law Clinic undertakes. We are hoping to run a similar event elsewhere in Glasgow around spring time and make it a regular feature in our calendar.

Street Law Session in GCU

On Monday the 26th of October, the Law Clinic Street Law team hosted a session in our moot room with sixth year pupils from schools such as All Saints RC Secondary, Springburn Academy, St Mungos Academy and St Andrews RC Secondary who are interested in undertaking a LLB degree. The pupils were spending a day shadowing first year LLB students at GCU to get insight into university life. As part of the day, the pupils took part in a speed moot session with us which allowed them to spend time preparing and participating in the moots and create an ethical argument on whether or not someone should be entitled to life saving treatment.

Arguments being formed 

The pupils were split into senior appellants and respondents, junior appellants and respondents and judges. At this stage, the judges were taken into the Law Clinics office and briefed on the scenario and their role. The respondents and appellants were separated and given fifteen minutes to form arguments for the party they were defending.

Arguments being formed and judges being being briefed
Judges being being briefed

Once the fifteen minutes was up, the pupils were set up in their teams consisting of a senior and junior respondent, a senior and junior appellant and a judge. Each counsel had 6 minutes split between the junior and senior to persuade the judge in their favour. Some of the arguments put across for the appellants were; everyone should be entitled to the same treatment, right to life and for the respondents; costs of treatment, draining resources which could be used to save many more lives and that one life cannot be prioritised over another.


After the judges had heard both parties argument, they were brought to the front and asked to state who they were in favour of and on what grounds. The judges unanimously found in favour of the respondents who were acting on behalf of the NHS.

olc8 (1 of 1)
Judges delivering their verdicts


The interactive session with the school pupils was a great success with many saying it was the favourite part of their day at GCU. Rachel Campbell (Outreach Manager) was delighted that 100% of the pupils rated the experience as good or excellent.

The experience was described as excellent by a pupil from Springburn Academy who said “it gave me an insight [into] what it’s like to be a student at GCU and I’ve gained some skills from it too”.  Another pupil from St Andrews RC Secondary ranked everything about the Street Law experience as excellent and commented that “being able to take part practically rather than being shown made me want to learn”.

Ian Laing (Student Director) was thrilled that all the pupils who participated would be keen to take part in Street Law again.