edShare update: embeddable HTML5 player

edShare@GCU, the University’s educational resources repository, has now been updated to include an embeddable HTML5 player for all video and audio content. An example record can be accessed via this link: https://edshare.gcu.ac.uk/873/.

This means that instead of embedding a specific derivative, staff will now be able to embed an HTML5 player which selects the correct derivative to play depending on what browser or device is being used. To facilitate this update the abstract page for video and audio files has changed, specifically the tabs located under the player. The system now generates three tabs for each file.

The first tab (embed) displays an embed code for the HTML5 player. The embed code is built using a CGI script which calls the relevant source code within an iframe.


The second tab (source code) displays the actual HTML code behind the CGI script. This allows you to add additional HTML5 tags or reference a subtitle track when embedding the content.


The third tab (download) displays download links for each of the derivative files generated by the system.


The first two tabs also include a copy button which copies the embed code or source code to the clipboard. Functionality for this feature is supported by the following browsers:

  • IE10 or later
  • Chrome v43 or later
  • Firefox v41 or later
  • Safari

All existing links / embed codes should continue to function as normal. If you have any queries please email edshare@gcu.ac.uk.

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